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Webinar Trainings

Join our in-house expert, Dr. Thalia, NOW®’s Nutrition and Health Education Manager, for informative product trainings on a variety of engaging topics. For your convenience, each webinar topic is offered 6 times per training period. All attendees of the live trainings receive a FREE product.

Dr. Thalia, Charney, MA, ND (inactive).

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New NOW Products

  • Tue, Mar 09
  • Tue, Apr 13

NOW® has one of the most prolific product launch schedules in the industry. This seminar series focuses on providing retailers with information on NOW’s newly launching products. New products create excitement for consumers, support the growth of your retail business, and further NOW’s goal to provide products of value that support optimal wellness.

Category Training: The Many Sides to Choline

  • Tue, Mar 23
  • Thu, Apr 29

Choline is a versatile and intriguing nutrient that can support a fatty liver, brain functioning, detoxification and more. Our product expert Dr. Thalia sorts through the many choline forms (TMG/Betaine, Alpha GPC, Sunflower Lecithin, and Choline) to clarify which types are best for different conditions. Also covered are the controversies over choline and a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Health Protocol: All Things Circulation

  • Thu, Mar 25
  • Tue, Apr 27

No matter how well we eat, without healthy circulation, we cannot get enough blood, oxygen, and nutrients to all our vital organs. Dr. Thalia will explore some common causes of poor circulation and address conditions such as varicose veins and Raynaud’s disease. This training covers a range of protocols and remedies, including supplements, foods and essential oils. 

NOW Product-ology

Take advantage of the many continuing education tools NOW® Product-ology offers to help you become a product specialist. Whether you want to become more knowledgeable about supplements, natural foods, essential oils, sports nutrition or personal care products, NOW has a range of seminars and courses of varying lengths for you to take advantage of.  Earn free products while you complete our learning modules at your convenience. If you missed a previous tele-training or Webinar you can catch it here and earn your complimentary product.

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