Selling in Canada

Puresource’s regulatory affairs team is kept up-to-date and informed with regulations that appear to be ever changing in Canada. If regulatory hurdles are limiting your ability to sell product in Canada, then let us direct you in the right direction. Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) are the two main branches of the Canadian government that regulate all products distributed by Puresource. Health Canada reports to the Minister of Health and the CFIA reports to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

We have provided some links that can help you understand how to sell your product in Canada. Puresource is familiar with distributing the following types of products.

Please click on the product class below to determine the regulatory requirements in Canada:

Canadian Labeling:

Canada has two official languages (English and French) and all labeling is required to be in both official languages. Languages are also regulated by the provinces. In Quebec, there are regulations that require French to have equal prominence with English label text.

Puresource Endorsed Regulatory Consultants:

Please feel free to contact any of these consultants below to help you with your product submission.

Consultant Name Contact
MCS Associates Inc. Dr. Manohar Sood, PhD tel: 416-286-6062
1060 Tapscott Road President fax: 416-286-0146
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1X 1E7 Dr. Christian Sood, PhD
  Director of Operations  
dicentra Regulatory & Scientific Solutions Alicja Wojewnik, Msc tel: 866-647-3279
161 Bay Street, 27th Floor President fax:  416-361-3304
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 2S1    
2525 Davie Road, Building #330, Davie Florida 33317   tel: 866-647-3279
NHP Consulting Inc. Brian Wagner tel: 587-350-1506
1731 8th Ave NW President fax: 888-875-8826
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1C5   Email contact via the website
Natural Health Products Consulting Corp. Lionel Pasen tel: 905-763-9999
39 Glen Rush Boulevard. President fax: 905-784-1110
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5N 2T6